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Spring Fashion: The Latest Trends in Girls Fashion

As the weather gets warmer and flowers start to bloom, fashion around our school begins to change. Shorts and skirts come out of drawers, and jackets go into closets. Here at SSSAS, we interviewed students to see what fashion they follow during the transition to spring.  

Two female seniors from SSSAS, Maxime Lyubinsky and Jackie Beauregard, shared their opinions on this year’s fashion. They think sambas and maxi skirts, specifically silk, were one of the biggest fashion trends, and they both love slicked back buns, open back tops for nice occasions, gold watches, and changing up the lengths of skirts and shirts to demonstrate a variety of taste. They noted how they like using both a puffy sleeve vs a tight sleeve in their everyday outfits.

 This spring, their favorite things to wear include off the shoulder tops, bodysuits, and baby tees, especially from Brandy Melville. Some of their favorite brands include South Moon Under, Aritzia, Subdued, and Zara, specifically in the spring or summer.

 They both stated similar “go-to” outfits for school, which were leggings and t-shirts, and they agreed that almost all of their outfits fit into a spring trend. They both don’t like the cargo pants and midway socks trend, and they both state that scrunchies, polka dots, and stripes came back as a trend, and maxi skirts are still continuing to be popular. Jackie and Maxime predict that bows, velvet, mixed metals, and boxer shorts will soon be trending, and they often see these trends on Instagram, Tiktok, influencers, famous models, and the Locker app, which is a wish list organizer. They mentioned a specific instagram account that includes photos of “street fashion” in New York, which is filled with random people wearing unique and good looking clothing.

Jackie and Maxime brought up an insightful idea about fashion taste from different grades, specifically in the freshmen year. They commented that because the freshmen are new to high school and are the youngest of all grades, they tend to be scared to “diversify” their clothing taste because they are self conscious about the opinions from older grades. This “self consciousness” is why both Jackie and Maxime state they see a lot of freshmen wearing the same types of clothing, specifically lululemon. Referencing their own freshmen year, Jackie commented,  “I always wore the same thing as a freshman, but now my closet and taste has definitely diversified.” Maxime also talked similarly about her freshman year, saying, “I’d always been cautious about what people in grades above me would say [about] what I wore, but now that no one’s above the seniors, I feel like they don’t really care as much.” 

A freshman girl from SSSAS, Pearson Lambeth, shares her insights on spring fashion and supports the school by wearing Saints sports gear. Around the halls, she sees lots of Gold Hinge skirts and beach shirts. She typically wears leggings and sweatshirts during the cold weather, or tennis skirts and sneakers during the warm weather. Now that spring is here, she likes to wear warmer colors. She sees lots of trendy outfits on tiktok and gets inspiration from her friends. She sees around seven different fashion trends, such as Stanley’s, Gold Hinge skirts, jean jackets, Golden Gooses, white tennis shoes, Kendra Scott jewelry, and Lululemon tank tops and scubas. Separately, Pearson notes that Ugg slippers are less popular in the spring, but believes that high socks will come into trend. She specially sees many different style trends between different cliques at school or between different grades. 

Bailee Montgomery is another freshman here at SSSAS, who typically wears a light pair of wider or straight jeans, white sneakers, Adidas Sambas, or Air Maxes. She likes lighter colors during spring, especially light Dunks. She loves seeing white button downs with cropped tee-shirts, but is tired of floral prints. She also enjoys wearing boxer shorts and hopes to see “jorts” making a comeback. She gets her inspiration from Pinterest, and predicts to see big tops with small bottoms and Boston clogs in the future. 

The last student we talked to was Gibson Sauri, a sophomore boy at SSSAS. Gibson’s style is composed of Adidas Sambas, graphic tee shirts, and typically baggy clothing. Gibson finds outfit inspiration from social media and school. He also likes “jorts” and hopes to see workwear coming back. He foresees Birkentock’s Boston Clogs to rise in popularity as well. Mentioning workwear brands, Gibson says, “I [like to wear] Carharrt and Stussy,” and also enjoys wearing clothing from Kith. Finally, his dislikes are skinny jeans and very mainstream clothing due to its lack of originality.

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