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What To Know About The 2023 NFL Season So Far

This 2023-2024 NFL season has had surprises and uncalled-for injuries, and some player’s seasons were cut short due to injuries. A countless number of players have been doubtful about whether they will step back on the field this season.

One of these people which many should know is Aaron Rodgers. After just four snaps in his first game, his season was over due to an Achilles tear. Since this was his first year on the Jets, fans were disappointed to see him be taken out of his first season by injury. One concern is that there is a small chance this could end his career. Rodgers at 39 years old, will take an extra year to recover which edges him closer to retirement. Many people who have suffered the same injury have not come back the same. But from the information that the public knows, he is having a smooth and easy recovery and could be seen playing later this season.

Another major injury that took someone out of the season was Nick Chubb’s knee injury. This is his second injury to his knee and he is expected to miss the 2023-2024 season. His knee had already gone through MCL, PCL, and LCL tears during his time at the University of Georgia. Luckily, many speculate that he only has one torn ligament, which could mean a smooth and fast recovery.

After recovering from an ACL tear last year, Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White has suffered an achilles tear just four games in the season. Like Rodgers, his injury has and is suspected to take him out of the whole season. His injury looked to be non-contact to his right leg while covering Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill. So far there is no information about his return this season but the Buffalo Bills or hoping to see a comeback. 

Trevon Diggs is also out for the season due to an ACL tear during one-on-one drills at team practice. After practice, he was seen on crutches and is supposed to sit out until the end of 2024.

This NFL season has also brought lots of surprising moments and scores. Several teams have started the season strong going undefeated in their first few games. The Commanders have shown improvement starting the season with a 2-0 record for the first time in 11 years. But many teams have had a rough start to their season. The Vikings, previously going 11-0 this past year, have not won any of their first three games. The Chicago Bears have had a rough start to their season going 0-4, but taking their first win against the Commanders in week five. 

Multiple teams have been putting up high scores in their first games. The Cowboys first game of the season ended in a 40-0 win against the Giants. Fans are disappointed with the Broncos’ winless season, especially after recently being defeated 70-20 by the Miami Dolphins. Bears fans are also unhappy with their quarterback Justin Fields’s performance in the past games. In his first three games, he has been sacked 13 times while having 4 interceptions. 

This season has been full of many surprises and rare moments with both scores and games. This season compared to the last one has been very different. Some athletes have unfortunately missed out on these moments due to an injury, some more serious than others. But for some they are hopeful enough to step back on the field this season.  This shows how unpredictable and exciting the football season is, you never know what will happen next.

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